Green Screen Photos

Green Screen photo stations allow you to give your patrons a unique memory. We will custom design multiple backgrounds to match the theme of your event, and instantly print full-sized photos for your attendees.
With our social media kiosks, your guests can also instantly get a digital copy for social media, with your customized message, to create even more buzz!
Our systems are built for volume. Our biggest system can handle over 2000 people per HOUR!

Fire Breather

Light up the room with an exciting performance by a fire breather!
From demonstrations to rhythmic routines, these artists are sure to heat things up!

Stilt Walker

Rise above the regular gig with a Stilt Walker.
Need we say more?

Drag Queen or Impersonator

Celebrities and Starlets are always a hit!
From Marilyn Monroe singing 'Happy Birthday' to Elvis and his entourage, bring the magic with our performers!


Keep them entertained with a juggler!
From clowns to suits, a juggler can bring smiles to the faces of your crowd.
Our pro's can keep things moving!

Cigar Rollers

There is something elegant about seeing an artist handcraft cigars. Bring the old-world charm and ambience to life for your guests!


Cosplay and Anime' are hot themes right now.
Liven up your event with animated characters come to life!

Character Actors

Whatever your theme, we can help engage your guests with authentic character actors.
Tell us what your ideas are... we will bring them to life!

Human Statue

Do you want a conversation starter?
Human statues are "living decor" that will surely get attention!