Let's be honest, who doesn't like balloons? Our talented twisters can provide more than you might have thought!
-Balloon decor, such as center pieces, archways, or wall hangings, bring a festive mood to any event.
-With balloon-wearing fashion models roaming about, guests can't help but strike up a conversation!
-Roaming balloon artists not only create art, but foster conversations while helping your guests 'break the ice'.
-Need a team building seminar? Everyone in the crowd gets hands-on experience.
-And don't forget the kids! Do you have an event where you need fun activities while parents are in meetings? Balloon camp is the answer!
Contact us now to see how our artists can make your event "Pop"!


Dancers can benefit your event in two ways:
-A Dancer can be entertainment. Burlesque, jazz, modern... whatever genre you have by featuring a live performer you are entertaining with style!
-And, we all know that It is tough to get the crowd on their feet. A professional dancer or couple can work the dance floor and encourage your guests to get active!
If you have music, consider adding a Dancer or Dance Couple. Get the party started right!

Face Painter

Whether it is airbrushed or painted by hand, face painting brings a unique style to your event.
How about glow paint for a blacklight dance? Or a hint of mystery for a masquerade?
Not just for kids, face painting is always a hit for high-energy events!

Sketch and Caricature Artist

On-the-spot artists bring a touch of elegance and personalization to your event.
Charcoal, pen and ink, or painted images of your patrons draw a crowd and foster conversation while also providing a lasting memory!
Let our Artists create your masterpieces!